A downloadable test for Windows and Linux

Please comment with system specs, max number of balls, apx. playtime in minutes and level of nausea (1-10)

Add balls -- left click / X button
Increase max balls -- right click / B button
Float - space / A button 
Reset - R / Y Button


linux_ball_pit.zip 20 MB
win_ball_pit.zip 19 MB


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No nausea but I have never experienced nausea from a game before. Would be interesting to try it in VR. About 10 minutes of playtime.

My PC (Ryzen 5 3600, RTX 2060) is smooth until 1400 balls and then unplayable at 1500 when the control scheme itself breaks down.


AMD Ryzen 7 3700X / GeForce GTX 1070. I started noticing slowdowns while moving through balls at around 1200, and by 1400 it was a permanent slideshow. The speed at which I can add balls and increase the limit appears to depend on the frame rate, so I did not have the patience to check much higher numbers. About 15 minutes spent total, nausea at a 1 or 2.

I expected to be able to float up while floating, but it seems like I was still constrained to planar movement.